Wood classic furniture made in Romania
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A classic means either a remarkable specimen of a particular style, or something whose quality has passed the test of time and has retained or even increased its value.

The classical style, on the other hand, in architecture, design and decorations, is not to be confused with products that have become classics. It has roots in Greek and Romanian periods, in symmetry, balance and harmony which they are known for.

In furniture, classic style requires the use of specific materials and artistic means: the natural beauty of solid wood, hand carving, natural fabrics, finishes that highlight the wood. The rigors of the style – order, symmetry, balance, hierarchy – are in the service of obtaining a new ideal of beauty.

Simex wood furniture product reunites all of these features. It has passed the test of time, making good use of all the craft and tradition of Romanian classical furniture manufacturers, and uses natural materials and classic techniques of decoration: sculpture and paintings, upholstery in warm colors, walnut manual intarsia and gold leaf, that give uniqueness to each piece.

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Flexibility in floor planning

At first glance, one might think that solid wooden furniture means lack of flexibility in interior decoration,  but Simex furniture can be delivered both in standard sizes and custom-made, depending on the desired configuration. Professional planners and designers from Simex can move to your doorstep for measurements and sketches, so the final product can adapt perfectly to your space. Plus, the company offers free transportation and installation throughout Romania.

The dimensions of this type furniture is not a limitation either: even some pieces look quite impressive, they can be adjusted to fit exactly to your rooms.

Also, the classic design of the furniture can be adapted to any interior: on the one hand, the furniture corresponds to the trends of functionality and comfort of present times, and on the other, it provides that touch of uniqueness and personality, which is exactly why each peace can be successfully used individually in modern decors.

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The accessory in classical or modern style

„Lovers of classical furniture already have a keen eye on trends in the furniture industry and they want a particular style of furniture for the entire home (Baroque, Rococo, Renaissance, etc.  They choose the lighting design, the paintings, rugs, and wall color to highlight the particular style chosen for the furniture.

To bring a modern touch to interiors decorated in a classic style, Simex experts recommend choosing other elements of decor in modern style (furnishings, flooring, wall color, appliances for the kitchen) or opting for upholstery in vivid colors for seats, armchairs, upholstered sofas and wooden headboard. ”  –  Adrian Sabau – General Manager Simex.


Four classic collections

Cristina is a statement Collection of the company due to its precious design, classic lines and harmonious massive wooden handmade sculpture. The aesthetics of the collection reflects the company’s passion for furniture art. The new Morch finish with black patina, and the new details of the sculptures, responds to the constant interest of the public for this collection.

Colectia_Cristina1 Colectia_Cristina6

Cleopatra collection is characterized by virtuosity of the perfect detail: walnut color intensity, exceptional  intarsia with high quality floral motifs and handmade sculpture.



Poesis Collection is a true testimony of the passion that Simex cultivates for solid wood furniture, for art and sculpture. The collection impresses with asymmetric design, fully consistent with the aesthetic conventions of Rococo style, and the veneer of walnut roots.

Colectia_Poesis1 Colectia_Poesis3

Queen Collection highlights the value of precious finishes: the filigree is perfectly executed, the precious ornaments of furniture are impregnated with gold leaf and the painting is handmade.


Furniture is available both in its stores in Bucharest, Sibiu, Constanta, Oradea and Arad, and collaborating stores you can find here.

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